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Watt Street is a local gym made for our community

We offer several class types that will give you the most calorie burn and push you to your limit. All of our classes will give you options for strength training, cardio, rowing, HIIT, and stretching. Modifications can be recommended for each class if necessary. Come see what Watt Street Gym is all about and book your class today!

Jenny Morelock - Watt Street Gym
Strength & Conditioning with Jenny

The strength and conditioning class will target your primary muscle groups throughout each week’s programming. You will utilize everything from bodyweight movements to corrective exercises, to Olympic lifts to achieve overall strength and conditioning. 

Shannon Fowler - Watt Street Gym
PowerFit with Shannon

PowerFit is 50 minutes of full body, heart pumping, strength training workout. Interval based workouts will include weight lifting, cardio exercise and core training guaranteed to push you to your limit. Get ready to build muscle, shred fat and increase endurance with PowerFit! 


Pilates is a form of low-impact exercise that aims to strengthen muscles while improving anatomical alignment and flexibility.  Pilates focuses on the concept of control, working to lift against gravity using the resistance of springs or ropes and pulleys on a sliding surface, isolating and strengthening your muscles and connective tissue.


5:00 AM - PowerFit with Shannon
5:30 PM - Strength and conditioning with Jenny


9 AM - 12 PM Private Pilates with Colleen


5:00 AM - PowerFit with Shannon
5:30 PM - Strength & Conditioning with Jenny


9 AM - 12 PM Private Pilates with Colleen
5:30 PM - Strength & Conditioning with Jenny


5 AM - PowerFit with Shannon


8 AM - PowerFit with Shannon
10:30 AM - Strength & Conditioning with Jenny

Watt Street is a comprehensive fitness and nutrition center

With top of the line equipment and a highly trained staff, WSG develops members of all levels to their fullest potential. Watt Street also combines rowing into its training plans for a full cardiovascular and strength training program. WSG offers a range of classes, personal training services, and nutritional coaching.

“Highly recommend!! Shannon is an amazing coach! You will not be disappointed with the workouts and empowering group of people!”


Shannon is an amazing instructor! Each class she pushes us to go beyond our limits and continually encourages and motivates us. I love the Power Fit workouts! I’ve noticed a change in my body in a very short time.



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First Class is Free